Seventh Annual World Telemark Day - March 6th

Seventh Annual World Telemark Day - March 6th

Seventh Annual World Telemark Day - March 6th
A worldwide celebration and official holiday of Telemark skiing- #SpreadTelemark
Salt Lake City, Utah – Jan 27, 2021 – Attention protectors of the Telemark turn, World Telemark Day is upon us. The event, which takes place annually during the first Saturday in March, celebrates the original form of skiing and will bring together practitioners of the free-heel turn from all over the world under the banner of dropping knees. On March 6, 2021, join the proud legions of telemark skiers to celebrate the official, international holiday of telemark skiing.
World Telemark Day 2021
Inspired by the need for Telemarkers to have their own day of celebration and founded by Josh Madsen and Freeheel Life, World Telemark Day gives skiers the opportunity to come together to celebrate freeing one’s mind by freeing their heels. Last year, telemark skiers celebrated across the globe, with communities celebrating with one another in such places as Finland, Spain, Poland and Norway, amongst others.
“World Telemark Day is all about going out with your friends and going skiing,” explains Josh Madsen, founder of World Telemark Day and CEO of Freeheel Life. “Telemark skiers are the raddest group of people worldwide, and this holiday is about sharing the best turn on snow with the entire world. We want everyone to join in on this grassroots holiday.”
“How do I participate in this worldwide awakening of telemark stoke?” you may ask. The answer is simple: grab your friends, spouse, neighbor or mortal enemy and head to the local ski hill or backcountry stash to drop knees with one another. Teach someone to telemark ski, host a film and serve some beer, but most importantly, GO TELE SKIING. Enjoy your turns and share the excitement with the digital community via the #SpreadTelemark hashtag. World Telemark Day encourages local factions and sleeper cells to host their own gatherings. Feel free to reach out to our team at: for ideas on how to best coordinate and tap into the worldwide effort.

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