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Contact: Josh Madsen, Founder of World Telemark Day


World Telemark Day Celebrates 10 Years

Salt Lake City, UT (Jan 8, 2024) 

For Telemark skiers from around the world the 1st Saturday in March is a special day, it’s always World Telemark Day (WTD). This international celebration takes place this 2023-24 winter season on Saturday March 2nd, 2024 and marks one decade since its inception. “As a Telemark skier myself I saw how great the energy at Telemark gatherings always was,” said WTD Founder Josh Madsen. “So I created a de-centralized event for everyone around the world, every year, that both the individual and groups can celebrate at the same time.”

That’s what sets World Telemark Day apart from a normal organized event at a specific location, because it can happen any place you want! Whether you are the only Telemark skier at your local ski area or live in an area where you can meet-up with a group of other like-minded freeheelers WTD is for everyone.


How Can You Participate?

  1. Go Telemark skiing! You can make it a day at the resort or a day in the backcountry — you choose.
  2. Connect with people on social media using the hashtags #WorldTelemarkDay & #SpreadTelemark - this is a great way to share where you are making the best turn on snow with participants worldwide.
  3. Set-up a group meetup at the hill for your local Telemark community to ski together for a few runs and take a group photo.
  4. Rolling solo? No problem. World Telemark Day is still for you. Connect with other Telemark skiers via social media that are celebrating the same thing on the same day.
  5. Use the high resolution WTD logo to make your own digital flyers, merch, etc.


Want To Take it To The Next Level?

For those individuals or groups looking to use World Telemark Day to help build their own event and grow their local Telemark scene here are some ideas:

  1. Contact the marketing department at your local ski area. Contacts for the marketing department can generally be found on the ski area website or visit their office. Ask them if they would like to help get the word out via their channels and make it into an annual calendar item.
  2. Feel free to use this press release along with the high resolution logo that you can download at: for any promotion.
  3. Create your own WTD merchandise with the logo and use it as a fundraiser for your local Telemark club, kids program, etc.


“World Telemark Day is for everyone,” says Josh Madsen. “I can’t think of a better day to share the turn with first-timers, old friends, and your local community. It’s your day to make it what you want and share it with the world.”


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ABOUT THE COMPANY: Josh Madsen is the Owner of Freeheel Life, a brand whose mission is to preserve, protect, & promote Telemark skiing through its products, media, and outreach. His professional career in the outdoor space spans two decades and includes experience as a sponsored athlete, consultant, videographer, magazine editor, publisher, and retail shop owner.

World Telemark Day started in 2014. It has attracted participants from around the globe to celebrate the greatest turn on snow every first Saturday in March.