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Todd Stuart

Words Are Cheap - Book By Todd Stuart

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WORDS ARE CHEAP is the third volume in the I HAVE TIME series and continues the story about how truth, beauty and wilderness can heal the human soul. This is a story of a man whose life was nearly lost in a coma after contracting viral encephalitis while camping and skiing in the mountains of northern Utah. The experiences that have followed his miraculous recovery are truly unique and inspirational. It takes place mostly in the wilderness areas of the American west, and begins with a bicycle trip from Utah to California. During the following years, we follow Todd through his search for lasting peace which takes him into some of the most beautiful areas of the world where the depths of his soul can be revealed and studied and understood. Returning home at last to the Wasatch mountains where he resides in a homemade hut buried in snow for half the year, the joy of skiing heals his heart again. Along the way, we can learn about the detailed effects of the way truth and beauty imprint their magical mark on the human soul.