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Freeheel Life

Unity Tracks Nylon Climbing Skins - 200cm x 140mm

$189.95 USD

Freeheel Life Unity Tracks Nylon Climbing Skins

Unity Tracks Nylon climbing skins utilize an efficient quick-snap tail clip, which is adjustable up to 8cm. The wire tip clip is simple, strong, and will virtually fit on any ski tip. Bombproof Nylon plush provides the grip and durability that we have all come to expect from nylon climbing skins, plus surprising glide due to the low-angle fibers. Taper tails shed unnecessary weight and drag. These will work on basically any skis, but some of the most aggressive twin tips or offset ski tails.


Package Includes

  • 140mm x 200cm trim to fit nylon climbing skins
  • Quick snap tail clip
  • Universal fit tip clip
  • Skin wax
  • Trim tool & instructions