Professional Telemark Binding Mount Drop-Off Appointment

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Professional Telemark Binding Mount


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Not all binding mounts are created equal. Telemark bindings require an understanding of the forces a Telemark skier puts on the ski. In turn the binding needs to mounted correctly or it will likely fail or not stand-up over time.

Why Are We different?

We’ve created a proprietary series of Freeheel Life Ski Tech certifications that ensure the highest level of precision and understanding. Our technicians are trained, tested, and verified in our Freeheel Life standard operating procedures for every service that we offer.

What Can I Expect When I Drop My Skis Off?

Our first order of business is to identify if your ski can handle a Telemark binding. The core of the ski is made from many different types of materials. Some of these materials have the strength to work for the force of a Telemark binding while others do not. We are trained to identify these types of skis, materials, and construction so we can best help you. The Freeheel Life skis that we produce in-house for instance are built for anyone to ski, but engineered with at Telemark skier in mind. Learn more about our skis and the materials we use HERE.

If you have specific instructions for where you would like your bindings mounted we are happy to accommodate any request. However we can also assist you in determining the best location for the binding on the ski as well.

How Long Will It Take To Drop Off My Skis To Be Mounted?

A typical ski drop-off for a mount usually takes 10 minutes or less. To better prepare you for your appointment, please bring the following items:

  1. Skis
  2. 1 of your Telemark ski boots. Preferably your RIGHT boot if possible.
  3. Bindings with ALL pieces of the binding, hardware, and screws
  4. USED BINDINGS: If your binding has been previously used, please be sure that the screws you are providing are in good shape, free of rust, and not damaged. If you do not have screws, it is NOT guaranteed that we will have replacement screws for you. Telemark binding screws are specifically made for a particular binding. Some older bindings are more difficult than others to source screws in good shape because they have not been manufactured for quite some time. Questions regarding screws before booking your appointment?                                       Email:
  5. If you have specific instructions for your mount or need us to reference another ski to possibly assist in helping with your request, please bring that as well. However we will happily assist you if you want our professional opinion as well.

What Makes Up Our Professional Telemark Ski Mounting?

  1. Use of a Jig: We have all the binding mounting jigs from the current Telemark binding manufacturers as well as jigs from companies that do not produce Telemark bindings any longer. These include: Rottefella, 22 Designs, G3, Black Diamond, & 7TM.
  2. Correct measurements: Our measurement process has multiple checkpoints to make sure that the jig is landing in the exact same spot on each ski prior to drilling. Our method eliminates any discrepancies that might exist from graphic differences or otherwise.
  3. Drilling: We use the highest quality ski drill bits that are specifically designed for mounting skis.
  4. Tap Holes: Every hole we drill is tapped regardless of the construction of the ski. We’ve found that this works best for every mount by pre-threading the hole so that screws easily enter and bind to the core of the ski as they are set.
  5. Two-Part Epoxy: ALL of our binding mounts are completed using a quick-set two part epoxy. This ensures a water-tight connection around the entire screw, inside of the ski, as well as around the exposed top part of the screw where water is most present when skiing. This prevents water from entering into the ski core and rotting it out which is unsafe and will cause failure over time.
  6. Inspection: All mounts are inspected thoroughly prior to moving to the pick up area to double check ever aspect of the procedure.

How Long Will It Take Freeheel Life To Mount My Skis?

Typically we can mount skis in 48 hours from the time they are dropped off. Please verify a pick-up time with the Freeheel Life employee or technician that is helping you when dropping off.

Can You Mount My Skis The Same Day?

If the FHL Ski Tech calendar allows it, Rush Telemark Ski Binding Mounts can be performed. Please click HERE for appointment availability and pricing.

Picking Up My Mounted Skis:

When the service is complete a Freeheel Life employee will contact you for pickup. It’s important to us that when you retrieve your skis, boot, & binding that you have ample time to inspect the work, ask any questions regarding the binding and it’s usage, and any other questions you may have regarding the specific service. We generally block out about 10 minutes to help you during this time.

If you have any questions prior to booking your appointment please email: