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Rocker Ski Rack

Standard Rack

$29.00 USD
Rocker Ski Rack™ - Standard is the original wall mounted rack that stores your skis in a 'neutral' position. Traditional wall mounted ski racks alter the natural shape of your equipment in order to store it, and in many cases, simply don't work with reverse cambered skis.

This rack stores skis of all shapes, cambers, sizes, and sidecuts. Traditional alpine, cross-country, rockered, early-rise, and telemark. Rocker Ski Rack™ - Standard is the perfect solution for people who really care about their equipment.

The Rocker Ski Rack™ - Standard model is ideal for skinnier, more traditionally shaped skis as well as cross-country. If you are looking for a wall mounted rack which will store your super fat powder skis, check out the Rocker Ski Rack™ XL.