Professional Telemark Heat Mold Appointment

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Professional Telemark Heat Mold


*This service is included with a purchase of new boots.

*This service is intended for new boots or new liners.

Most modern Telemark ski boots have heat moldable liners. Straight out of the box a brand new liner is very dense and in a generic shape. We "cook" the liners on a specialty heat tower that softens the thermo-fit foam.

We use a combination of specialty fitting socks, toe caps, additional padding if needed to create the right shape inside the boot.

After the liner has cooled down the memory foam holds the shape of your foot. Your new boots are truly your new boots.

A proper fitting Telemark boot is one of the key pieces of equipment that you’ll own. Over the past 9 years of business we have continued to hone our understanding of how to fit & size Telemark boots so that you can enjoy your days on the hill.

Why Are We different?

One of the key differences about our fit & sizing process is that our staff has an intricate and historical understanding of ALL Telemark boots. This may not be as important for the newbie Telemark skier, but it’s especially important for someone that is coming from a previous boot that may be older, beloved, hated, fits perfect, or doesn’t fit at all. Either way, we have the knowledge and ability to help you continue on your Telemark journey with the right product.

What Can I Expect When I Book My Professional Telemark Boot Fit & Sizing?

We’ll want to start by chatting with you a little about your history with Telemark skiing or if you are just starting. We will also discuss any concerns about the boots. Fit issues, pain points, etc. 

Next the liner is placed on the heat tower for 10-12 mins to get the foam up to molding temperature.

While the liners are cooking we will help you get situated with fitting socks, toe caps, additional padding to help create more room in specific areas of the boot if necessary.

Once the boots are hot, we will help you get into the boot. Make sure there are no creases or folds in the liner. We will buckle the boots, lock down the ski/walk mode, stand up on on an incline to help lock in the heel pocket of the boot.

10 mins later the foam in the liners have settled.

We can take off the fitting socks, toe caps, and any additional padding.

Try on the boots again to ensure a good fit.

Now you are ready for the mountain.

How Long Will My Heat Mold Appointment Take?

We book 45 min appointments with customers the ensure that there is ample time to discuss everything, cook the liners, and confirm the fit.

What Do I Need To Bring?

To better prepare you for your appointment, please bring the following items:

  1. BOOTS/LINERS: Please bring your new boots or new liners and current boot shells.
  2. SOCKS: Please bring a pair of ski socks that you would normally wear when skiing.

We look forward to seeing you at your appointment!