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Meidjo 3.0 - Telemark Binding

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New for the 2020-21 season, The M Equipment introduces the Meidjo 3.0 Telemark binding. Since the first Meidjo binding was introduced The M Equipment has made small improvements each year to improve their binding. Continuing with this trend in 2020-21, the Meidjo 3.0 has made big leaps in terms of telemark binding technology.

Meidjo is also the telemark binding that received the precious Editor's Choice of Backcountry Magazine in 2017 and won the Gold Winner
Award at ISPO in 2015.

Easy to handle and robust, it is the right compromise between the progressivity, the amplitude of a standard 75 and the power of an NTN binding for telemark mode and between the mobility and efficiency of an tech binding for touring mode.

This telemark step-in binding incorporates an adjustable release system.

∙ Anti-snow pack device, behind low tech toe.
∙ Winged touring wedge: easy to lift up in a single gesture of a stick
∙ Powerful and long springs for even more customization. 2 or 4 springs to choose according to the desired flex of the binding, Stiffy spring kit is also available.
∙ The new step in spring box, makes the Meidjo 3.0 the easiest Meidjo binding to use yet.
∙ Lateral adjustable safety release tension.

∙ Tech pin touring mode, makes the uphill smooth and easy.
∙ Powerful lateral edge control with the NTN second heel connection.
∙ Made in France: design, manufacturing and assembly.

. New low-tech (patented): 40% more powerful than Meidjo 2.
Two springs, instead of four, which have a larger diameter and use a larger gauge spring for strength.
Thus, the jaws close quickly and firmly.
. Easy step-in (no more need to lift the spring box).
A new feature is the possibility to shoe without lifting the spring box. This makes putting on the shoe quicker and easier: lock the shoe in the low-tech and then lower the heel to lock it in the spring box.
. Eco-designed binding
- Flex plate made of Pebax® renew, a polyamide material derived from castor oil. Flex plate made of Pebax® has the advantage of being more flexible, 20% lighter (than the previous one) and more resistant to cold winter conditions.
- Spring box injected in recycled carbon: for better impact resistance.



Binding Size

Size Small Bindings - Fit NTN (with tech toe) Boots Size 26.0 and smaller (Scarpa/Crispi) 25.5 and smaller (Scott)

Size Large Bindings - Fit NTN (with tech toe) Boots Size 26.5 and larger (Scarpa/Crispi) 26.0 and larger (Scott)

Binding Weight

900g/2lbs per pair (Size Small) 


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