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BMF/R HD 3.0 Switch Kit

$60.00 USD $119.00 USD

NEW FOR 2020!

Re-engineered to be 2x more Armageddon-proof, the HD 3.0 Switch Plate features a reinforced platform and additional anchor point at its base to boost your ski-to-binding fortitude.

The only limit is you. 

Heavy Duty Switch Plate Technology™ with Spiralock threads for quick and secure transfer across multiple pairs of skis.

The BMF HD 3.0 Switch Kit allows you to quickly transfer your bindings between multiple pairs of skis. Invest in one beautiful, burly Bishop binding and spread the love across your entire quiver, almost cutting the cost in half or more. No need to have a pair of bindings for each set of skis.

Each BMF HD 3.0 Switch Kit comes with two HD 3.0 Switch Plates, 2 Switch Pads, and 18 Ski Screws. 

The BMF/R Switch Kit comes with climbing wires; while the BMF/3 Switch Kit does not.

You can not use climbing wires with the resort oriented BMF/3 binding. These are not compatible with Bishop 2.0 bindings.