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Bishop Chedi - Midwest Demo

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Do you need boots to complete your NTN Package? Click here!

Booking Instructions: To complete your booking, be sure to add all desired demo gear to your cart. You'll then checkout your cart. All payment for demos will be completed at time of gear exchange. Be sure to go all the way through the checkout process and press "Confirm Order". You'll get an order confirmation email in addition to a rental confirmation email.

Demo Pickup/Drop off: Keith Opperman is our man in the Midwest. He will be reaching out to you to arrange a time for the pickup and drop off of gear at his shop in Washburn, Wisconsin (by appointment only). 

Payment Instructions: This items and the other items available for demo are placeholders. All payment will be completed upon pickup.

  • NTN Package Demo (Boot + Ski/Binding) - Rental cost $35/$30 per additional day
  • Skis or Boots Only Demo - Rental cost $20/$15 per additional day