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BMF-R Telemark Binding

$749.00 USD
Binding Compatibility
Brake Size

Bishop’s products are all made with the same agenda: to be the gold standard in Badassery, performing and powering beyond the rest. Designed on the ski slopes of COLORADO and MADE IN THE USA of bomber stainless steel, aircraft-grade aluminum, and carbon fiber composite. Each binding is handcrafted in Edwards, Colorado.

Step into a pair of BMF/R's and feel every ounce of applied force transferred from your legs right to the snow, and with 60 degrees of effortless touring, you'll think you're walking on a cloud to pow-town.


  • Intuitive step in/step out  
  • Ski Brakes always included: 90, 100, 115, or 125mm
  • The Real Heel Feel: These bindings attach to the whole boot, from toe-to-heel, giving you more power than any other NTN tele binding and a more natural boot flex
  • Tour like a pro with 60 degrees of biomechanically optimized resistance-free motion
  • Complete control and power on the down with our Patent Pending, rock-solid "Lock Wedge" ski-mode
  • 7- and 14-degree heel risers to tame the climb
  • Simple switch between ski and tour mode with a pole grip or glove
  • Softer Spring Kit (available separately) gives you more customization with the option of a more supple, lighter knee drop while keeping all the Bishop lateral stability and edge power transfer
  • NTN or 75mm versions available.
    • NOTE: This binding requires a heel with a shelf. For example, it does NOT work with older Crispi CXR and CXX boots.
  • One size fits all (NTN Boot Sole Lengths of 270 to 346mm, 75mm "Duckbill" Boot Sole Lengths of 280mm to 356mm)
  • Spring tension (binding "activeness") is easily adjusted on the hill with the turn of a screw
  • Weight: 1900 g - one size fits all (the brakes add 170 g)
  • 75mm version has a dedicated LEFT and RIGHT binding.  The small leash hole in the Toe Cage should be on the outside.
  • Bishop’s 3-Year Bomber Guarantee