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192cm DPS Wailer 99 W/ Lg 22 Designs AXL (Used)

$640.00 USD

Ski Information: Some people have a Honda Civic as a daily driver. You have the DPS Wailer 99 Hybrid Skis. The main difference, the stoke factor! The Wailer 99 incorporates the same acclaimed rocker profile and tapered tip as the Wailer 112, but in a narrower and nimbler platform. Whether built up as a resort ripper or a backcountry beast, the Wailer 99 is ready to go. Paddle Tech allows the Wailer 99 to be easily engaged when railing hard pack or opened up while skiing deeper snow. Don't let the 99 in the name fool you, not many skis can claim to be in the 99th percentile! This is a daily driver you'll always be stoked to take for a spin, trust us!


Binding Information: 

The 22 Designs AXL Telemark binding sports a bombproof 6-hole mounting pattern, long-lasting chrome die springs, and a front assembly built of tough stainless steel. The AXL gives you adjustable and exceptional power, that tours effortlessly.

    • The first free-pivot telemark touring binding with three cable guide positions. Optimize your bindings for your skiing style and snow conditions.
    • Super durable: 2000 lb test cable attachments won't break, toepiece forces transmitted steel-to-steel.
    • Over 2" of spring travel for smooth action and durability.
    • The spring-loaded HammerHeel is the easiest to use climber available; Flip it up or down with your ski pole. Climbing bails available in 3 sizes, standard bail included.
    • Cables routed underfoot for maximum control; plastic boots flex at the bellows instead of tip-toeing.
    • Ultra-secure mounting pattern.
    • Riser height: 1.1" or 28mm at rear, with a 2˚ ramp.
    • Pivot location: directly under pin-line.
    • Weight: 3.9 lbs per large pair, 3.8 lbs for small.
    • Size Small for Mondo 25.5 and under, Large for 26.0 and up.
  • Made in the USA

Condition: This setup is in good condition, there are  few spots where the top sheet is chipping off, and on the left skis tail the base is peeling up. See pictures for more details. 

Product Liability/Return Information:

Due to the nature of used and consignment gear, these items are a final sale. Please contact us before purchase if you have any questions or would like additional photos. We can be reached at email at or via phone at 385-227-8968. Thanks!