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188cm Atomic Vantage 97 W/ 22 Designs AXL Lg (Used)

$640.00 USD

Ski Information:

  • Sidecut radius is 18 meters (172cm)

The all new Atomic Vantage 97Ti replaces the Vantage 100 CTi for 2019.  And, this new ski is a major step up in technology and engineering.  It features Atomic's totally new, ground breaking ProLite construction.  ProLite is all about making the ski lighter, without compromising performance.  And, Atomic has done exactly that.  The new Vantage 97 Ti has a great feel on the snow, and is amazingly easy to move around.  It is slightly narrower than the ski it replaces, so it is even more nimble, and still  rock solid stable, and very grippy when the snow gets hard.  This is simply a very good ski, that has an amazing technical story surrounding it.

The ProLite concept starts with a brand new, super slim core and then completely removing sections of the core just in front and behind the binding area.  Both of these areas are then strengthened with titanium mesh that covers the ProLite recesses, and wraps up and over the core that surrounds them.  The end result is an entirely new way of building skis, and they feel incredibly light.  It is amazing that a ski with this much width can be so light, and easy to move around on the snow.

The Vantage 97 Ti incorporates all of Atomic's best features, latest technology and top engineering.  Check out this list of features of the new Atomic Vantage 97 Ti:

  • Prolite construction removes material in key areas to lighten the ski with no compromise in performance.  It is an amazing feel on the snow, with the top performance skiers expect from one of the top ski makers in the world

  • Energy Backbone gives the ski incredible torsional stiffness, and outstanding rebound from turn to turn.

  • Titanium Tank Mesh tip tail reinforces the ProLite recesses in the front and back of the ski., and also.  No material is better than titanium to smooth out the ride and maximize edge hold.  Atomic has found a whole new way to use this incredible metal inside this ski

  • Power Woodcore is Atomic's best laminated core.  Wood absorbs vibration better, provides excellent rebound from turn to turn, and makes the most durable skis available.

  • Full Sidewall of ABS acts as a suspension system for the edges, keeping them in contact with the snow even when it is hard, bumpy and uneven.  Better edge contact equals better stability and edge hold

  • Structured Topsheet is super durable, and difficult for snow to stick to.

  • World Cup Base Finish is equivalent to the final tune that Atomic offers on its race skis.  No ski is better out of the wrapper than those with this finish.

  • All Mountain Rocker 15/75/10 makes this ski an all terrain, all condition machine.  Rocker in the tip helps the ski float in deep snow, and also helps absorb bumpy, skied out, afternoon conditions.  Slight rocker at the tail allows for a forgiving feel in deeper snow, and helps this wider ski carve amazingly easily.  Camber in the center makes for a smooth ride, and excellent edge hold on harder snow.


    Dimensions: 130-97-119

    Binding Information:

    The 22 Designs AXL Telemark binding sports a bombproof 6-hole mounting pattern, long-lasting chrome die springs, and a front assembly built of tough stainless steel. The AXL gives you adjustable and exceptional power, that tours effortlessly.

    • The first free-pivot telemark touring binding with three cable guide positions. Optimize your bindings for your skiing style and snow conditions.
    • Super durable: 2000 lb test cable attachments won't break, toepiece forces transmitted steel-to-steel.
    • Over 2" of spring travel for smooth action and durability.
    • The spring-loaded HammerHeel is the easiest to use climber available; Flip it up or down with your ski pole. Climbing bails available in 3 sizes, standard bail included.
    • Cables routed underfoot for maximum control; plastic boots flex at the bellows instead of tip-toeing.
    • Ultra-secure mounting pattern.
    • Riser height: 1.1" or 28mm at rear, with a 2˚ ramp.
    • Pivot location: directly under pin-line.
    • Weight: 3.9 lbs per large pair, 3.8 lbs for small.
    • Size Small for Mondo 25.5 and under, Large for 26.0 and up.
    • Made in the USA


    Condition: Skis and bindings are in good working order, See pictures for more details.

    Product Liability/Return Information:

    Due to the nature of used and consignment gear, these items are a final sale. All items are checked to make sure they're functional when they leave the building and are sold as-is with no warranty/guarantee. Please contact us before purchase if you have any questions or would like additional photos. We can be reached by email at or phone at 801-917-0769. Thanks!