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181cm Sego Cleaver 102 w/ Outlaw Large - Used

$590.00 USD

181cm Sego Cleaver 102 w/ Outlaw Large - Used

Ski Dimensions: 131-102-122

Ski Information: We originally designed the Cleaver for big mountain competition and aimed to keep as much carving power as possible. They feature just a touch of break-away ability in case you need to pull the emergency brake and shut them down in a hurry. But the focus is on the ability to make full, powerful turns, rather than the scrubbing around twin tips or pin tails. We added the Cleaver 88 to capitalize on the powerful turning characteristics of the 102 and 110 on piste. It is a hardpack machine that can help you win your beer league, or carve up the turns of your dreams.  

Binding Information: 22 Designs Outlaw NTN Telemark Binding is the first binding licensed by Rottefella to use their patented second heel connection. By adapting the AXL platform to a new connection point they built a winner, a binding with a tour mode that is proven to work reliably and switch modes easily in a steel based package known for durability with NTN’s laterally tight connection. In simple terms, the Outlaw is an NTN AXL.

Outlaw, the first American NTN binding.

It has all the downhill power and control of a Hammerhead binding plus some, but in a configuration that is compatible with NTN boots. This means it parallels like no 75mm binding can thanks to the inherent edging power of NTN. Like any fully capable tele binding it has a free-pivot for touring and the easiest to engage climbing wire, the spring-loaded Hammerheel. As for convenience, it’s about the easiest binding to get in to, tele or alpine.


Stated Weight 3.8 pounds / 1580 g

Stated Features

  • True Step In
  • Instant flex engagement
  • Optional brakes: 110mm and 125mm widths
  • Optional stiffy spring kit
  • 50 degrees of resistance-free touring
  • Industrial strength main die spring
  • Preload adjustable from 1 to 5
  • Spring-loaded climbing bail


Condition Description: These skis are in good condition. They have recently been hand waxed. Only about 20 days of use. Binding is still in great shape. These skis are ready to keep ripping!

Product Liability/Return Information: Due to the nature of used and consignment gear, these items are a final sale. Please contact us before purchase if you have any questions or would like additional photos. We can be reached at email at or via phone at 385-227-8968. Thanks!