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177cm Elan DRC 45 Volie CRB 3 Pin - Used

$135.00 USD

177cm Elan DRC45 Volie CRB 3 Pin -USED

*Binding is available for purchase separately from skis. Please contact us for more info.

Ski Dimensions: 82-65-70

Ski Information:  

Slashing since 1993 the Elan DRC 45 is a lightweight and fun ski. DRC or Dual Reflex Cap hails from Elan's Monoblock (MBX) design. It's capped construction allowed the ski to be both lightweight and powerful. It enjoys small and medium radius turns all over the mountain. It's playfulness and ease of maneuvering make it a great choice for freeheel fun. Only the most chopped conditions slow this all mountain tool down.  A perfect choice for rocking it old school! 



    These are in good shape for being from the 90's. A fresh tune will have your Grandfather thinking they're brand new and from the future. 

    Binding Information: 

    Volie CRB 3-Pin

    A true tele classic. The same great performance you'd expect from Volie's 3- pin bindings with a releasable function in the toe. Twisting the tube down will tighten the release tension. Simple, easy and elegant.

    Product Liability/Return Information:

     Due to the nature of used and consignment gear, these items are a final sale. Please contact us before purchase if you have any questions or would like additional photos. We can be reached at email at or via phone at 385-227-8968. Thanks!