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177cm Blizzard Bodacious 118 22 Design Outlaw (OG Small) - USED

$570.00 USD

177cm Blizzard Bodacious 118 22D Outlaw (Small) - USED

Ski Dimensions: 138-118-127

Ski Information:

The 2016/17 Bodacious is a big mountain powder skiers tool. With a rocker/flat/rocker camber profile, lightweight tips and tail, carbon fiber flip core, and a 25 meter turn radius on a semi-twin tipped design you'll be ready for all those big mountain powder lines you've been scoping. 

 Long, gradual tip rocker and mild tail rocker, flat in the middle. The noticeable curvature of the tip and tail favors optimal flotation in backcountry terrain. The flat profile in the middle guarantees stability on harder snow.

It features a tapered tip and tail shape to help prevent hooking in deep snow.  A Poplar-Bamboo Woodcore with Carbon Flip Core Technology. In an evolution of the famed Blizzard Flip Core process, which starts with the core contour matching the intended rocker profile, 90˚ directional carbon fiber is integrated into the core at the tip and tail, stabilizing the extremities of the ski while reducing swing weight. Win-win for you. There is Titanal in the binding mount zone to add reinforcement. So no need to worry about ripping out or remounting. All Blizzard skis with the exception of some junior skis are built with ABS or Phenol sidewalls for superior performance (stability, power transmission, handling) and durability. A sintered graphite base for superior wax absorption and durability. 

Binding Information: 

22 Design's Outlaw (Original) SMALL

22 Designs Outlaw NTN Telemark Binding is the first binding licensed by Rottefella to use their patented second heel connection. By adapting the AXL platform to a new connection point they built a winner, a binding with a tour mode that is proven to work reliably and switch modes easily in a steel based package known for durability with NTN’s laterally tight connection. In simple terms, the Outlaw is an NTN AXL.

Outlaw, the first American NTN binding.

It has all the downhill power and control of a Hammerhead binding plus some, but in a configuration that is compatible with NTN boots. This means it parallels like no 75mm binding can thanks to the inherent edging power of NTN. Like any fully capable tele binding it has a free-pivot for touring and the easiest to engage climbing wire, the spring-loaded Hammerheel. As for convenience, it’s about the easiest binding to get in to, tele or alpine.

Stated Weight 3.8 pounds / 1580 g

Stated Features

  • True Step In
  • Instant flex engagement
  • Optional brakes: 110mm and 125mm widths
  • Optional stiffy spring kit
  • 50 degrees of resistance-free touring
  • Industrial strength main die spring
  • Preload adjustable from 1 to 5
  • Spring-loaded climbing bail

Toepiece height: 1.1” at rear with 3 degree ramp

Size Small fits Mondo <26.0

Size Large fits Mondo >26.5

 Ski Condition: 

This set up is in practically in new condition. There are some signs of use on the base but very minimal. As with any used ski we'd recommend getting a tune up to get the skis in top shape.  

Product Liability/ Return Information:

Due to the nature of used and consignment gear, these items are a final sale. Please contact us before purchase if you have any questions or would like additional photos. We can be reached at email at or via phone at 385-227-8968. Thanks!