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Telemark Ski & Binding Service

Do your skis need a little love? Let our telemark certified techs take care of you.

Here at Freeheel Life we want to offer you the best service for your telemark skis. All we know is telemark. Our telemark certified techs will be qualified for all telemark needs. Tuning, binding mounts, binding repair, etc.
Telemark Binding Mount  - $50
All of our telemark mounts are done with our expert precision by our certified FHL techs. We use two part epoxy for extra hold and water sealing to protect your skis and prevent unwanted tear-outs.

Telemark Binding Remount - $60
If your ski has been drilled before... it's a remount! Same service as our binding mount on a new pair of skis, but includes plugging all old holes and finding a safe spot to drill into fresh wood to keep you dropping knees.

Full Binding Freedom Insert Mount - $90 + Hardware $2 per hole (Quote Available prior to mount upon request)
Full telemark mount with binding freedom inserts.
Telemark Standard Tune - $55
Same as our Pro Tune (minus the base fills). Full stone grind, structure, edge bevel to your specs, hand sharpen, hand wax & brush.
Telemark Pro Tune (10 Fills) - $72
Our most popular tune. The Pro Tune includes: base flattening, base welds/p-tex (up to 10 fills), hand sharpen, edge beveling, stone grind, base structure, edge polish, hand wax, polish, brush.

Telemark Pro Tune Plus (20 Fills) - $88
Same as our Pro Tune but with unlimited base work.

Additional Base Work - $5
Price is per fil (Includes p-tex or base welds) Perfect for those skis that need a Full Tune but may have a core shot or large scratch

Hand Wax - $20
Includes base clean and hot wax

New Ski Prep - $25
Fresh edges can have a little too much "hook". Includes, hand wax and brush, de tune on the tips and tails. Keeping them sharp underfoot, but allowing that first day on the new skis to be a little more predictable.

Edge Replacement - Average Price $65
See a technician for final quote

Delamination Repair - Average Price $55
See a technician for final quote
Misc Repair - $50 per hour (billed in 15 min increments)
Need a little love on some of your gear (bindings/skis). Need the magic touch of our certified telemark techs? If it is telemark... we can fix it.

Boot Heat Mold - $50
Heat molding for Intuition thermo mold liners.