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Voile UltraVector BC— The Perfect Ski Addition to Your Backcountry Quiver

Posted on November 04 2022

Voile UltraVector BC— The Perfect Ski Addition to Your Backcountry Quiver

By Taylor Johnson 

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What am I Missing In My Telemark Quiver?

For those of us that have the option of adding more than one ski to the mix, there’s often the question of “What should I get?” Usually we start with an all-mountain ski, then move on to a powder ski, and wrap it up with something for the hard pack. Depending on where you live in the world there is an often overlooked type of ski that could really round things out in the collection — a scaled touring ski.

Why the Voile UltraVector BC Ski?

The Voile UltraVector is one of our favorite skis amongst the Freeheel Life team and a customer favorite as well. When people ask us, “What makes a great Telemark ski?” This is the ski that we show them. It has traditional camber, playful construction, early rise tip for soft snow and crud, and is overall just a utility ski for any condition.

Now, add a waxless pattern (scales for the uninitiated) to the bottom of the ski underfoot and you have a low-angle touring machine on your feet. We often times call this type of skiing, Rugged Touring. In the west, the word touring these days means big lines and objectives. We use the term Rugged Touring as a way to distinguish the type of touring that you might find with rolling hills and less steep ascents — think Midwest United States, lower portions of Scandinavian Countries, etc.

Voile UltraVector BC Construction:

Aspen Core Anti-Ice Topsheets

Reinforced Binding Mounts

Triaxial Fiberglass

Voile carbon weave Rubber foil Full-perimeter steel edge

Traction pattern base


Voile UltraVector BC Performance:

Quick uphill transitions without the use of skins on low-angle terrain makes for fun outings and cruises. The downhill performance is exactly like the UltraVector with a light swing weight, easy turning, and perfect shape for Telemark skiers that like everything from noodling through trees to slashing deep turns. Hell, you might even just have these in the mix to walk the dog on a snowy trail in the winter.


What binding should I Use With My Voile UltraVector BC Ski?

Voile 3-Pin HD Mountaineer:

Voile 3-Pin Cable:

Voile Switchback:

Voile Switchback X2:


Is The Voile UltraVector BC Good with an NTN Telemark Binding on It?

Absolutely! NTN Telemark bindings would be a great option for a ski like this and makes switching between skis much much easier.

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