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Top 5 Reasons To Buy Meidjo Telemark Bindings

Posted on October 13 2022

Top 5 Reasons To Buy Meidjo Telemark Bindings

Top 5 Reasons To Buy Meidjo Telemark Bindings


The Meidjo 3.0 Telemark binding is the third iteration of INWILD’s (formally The M-Equipment) Telemark tech-toe NTN binding. Meidjo is also the Telemark binding that received the precious Editor's Choice of Backcountry Magazine in 2017 and won the Gold Winner
Award at ISPO in 2015.


The binding is easy to handle and robust in performance. In our opinion it is the right compromise of progress, fulfilling the amplitude of a standard 75mm Telemark binding and the power of an NTN binding for Telemark skiers.

Here are the 5 reasons to buy INWILD’s Meidjo 3.0:

1. Customizable — The Meidjo 3.0 has the arguably the most customization options of any NTN binding on the market. It has 20 ways to configure the the springs in terms of spring options, settings, and upgraded springs.

2. Touring Capability — This binding utilizes 2-pin tech-toe technology which allows for the ultimate experience in free-pivot touring capability. It is a frictionless experience for efficient uphill mobility, making sure you reach your destination without any wasted energy.

3. Natural Flex — Our customers, along with ourselves, have been very impressed with the natural flex of this binding. In many instances folks have said that it has the closest feel of 75mm Telemark binding on the NTN platform. This is perfect for the person coming from a 75mm cable binding that wants to get into the New Telemark Norm, but not sacrifice their previous feeling and style that they have worked so hard for on the 75mm side of equipment.

4. Safety Releasability — Meidjo 3.0 possesses, in our opinion, the most well thought out release system of ANY Telemark binding currently on the market. Why? IINWILD has created a Telemark release binding system that separates the spring load and tension from the release function of the binding. This is important because other releasable bindings in the Telemark world do not have this. The best example of this would be if a Telemark skier wishes to have a stiffer feel with a lot of spring pre-load, but doesn’t want a binding that won’t release easily. Meidjo 3.0 has a system that will allow this and thus rises above the rest of NTN products the market.

5. All the bells and whistles — This binding has amazing options as add-ons that include: crampon compatibility, brakes, alpine heel, and multiple spring options.

Taylor Johnson is the General Manager at the Freeheel Life telemark ski shop in Salt Lake City, UT. He's been a Telemark skier since he was 8 years old and is passionate about sharing the turn with others through the shop, events, and traveling.

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